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Parking - Rectangular Rug

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The perfect rug that will bring your world citizen lifestyle and a wanderlust feeling to your home.

Our premium rugs are specially designed for aviation and travel lovers.  

Product information

  • Made from a woven and polyester chenille
  • A soft and textured look
  • Easy to clean
  • Vibrant print
  • Will look good in any room!

Aviation and Travel Rugs - Material Details

The perfect rug for every space.

Aviation and Travel Themed Rugs

🇺🇸Printed in the USA
🌏Worldwide Shipping ✈️

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Gloria Chow
Custom Runway Runner Rug

I love the rug. Great quality and the detail is amazing.

Itzel Rios
Beyond a fantastic gift!

It was a gift given to my brother for christmas and new years and eventhough it took a little while to receive it. He was speechless and amazed of an amazing gift. He is a pilot and trying to figure out the letters and numbers on the runway for myself, when I saw his face of the customized rug he couldn't believe it. Definitely a great purchase.

Werner Schwendimann
All going well

A great runway rug on my home! Thank you for your great and fast Service!

Bryan Swopes
"Cleared to land, Runway 17."

My wife’s first comment was, “That’s cute,” which, from her, is a tremendous accolade. :) The runaway is perfect for a segment of our home’s hallways. I really like the tire marks from touchdowns. . . Every aviation enthusiast should buy one (or more!) of these!

This is just perfect!

I live on an airstrip and the end of the RWY that I am on is 27. Needless to say that the custom runway rug with ’27’ fit my needs perfectly.