January 18, 2018

Have you ever wanted to board an airplane, take a nap, and eat without actually paying for a ticket?

Restaurants, hotels, and other places are taking things to a new elevation with aircraft shaped buildings across the world. Travelers are now given the chance now to indulge in their aviation dream for a few hours or a night. These airplanes come with quite a history as they take on a second life.


Airplane Shaped House

Located in Abuja, Nigeria, a house was constructed in 2002 with a 100-foot long plane and a 50-foot long wingspan. The house symbolizes a couple’s love for each other and the woman’s love of travel. The body of the plane features a kitchen and a computer room that provides a beautiful view over Abuja. Across the property, the couple built a small guesthouse, and two security booths also shaped like airplanes and control towers.

McDonald’s Airplane Dining

Who needs a drive-thru window when you can eat a big Mac inside a vintage DC3 airplane. Located in New Zealand, the aircraft was previously used as part of a car dealership named “Aeroplane Car Company”. In 1990, McDonalds purchased the property that included the airplane and converted it into a dining area for guests. The plane has been painted in traditional McDonalds’ colors and writing. The DC3 will fit 20 people inside for a different dining experience. The cockpit is locked off to help maintain the aircraft, but enthusiasts are allowed inside for pictures. The plane was built in 1943 and used by New Zealand’s South Pacific Airlines during the 1960’s. The airplane was decommissioned in 1984 after flying over 56,000 hours.

Historic Airplane Restaurant 

The Airplane Restaurant located in Colorado Springs provides 42 people a dining experience. Built in 1953, this Boeing KC-97 remains fully intact. Inside of the plane, diners can enjoy a great deal of aviation history displayed on 100’s of pictures and rare artifacts. This was the first plane ever built to have both an upper and lower deck. The menu includes delicious Black Angus steaks, burgers, salads, and ribs. 

Airplane Barber Shop

On the side of the road in Powell, Tennessee, is an old gas station built in 1930 to resemble an airplane. It was built in this unique shape to increase business amongst locals and travelers. In the 1960’s, the structure ceased being a gas station and turned into a liquor store, a produce stand, a bait shop, a used car lot, and is now presently a barber shop.


Mobile Space Shuttle Cafe

The Space Shuttle Café is a DC 3 airplane that is licensed to drive on the streets in order to serve food as a mobile food kitchen. Built in 1944, the plane flew during World War II. After retiring and sitting for several years, the owners painted it and striped the frame to become a fully functioning kitchen. The Space Shuttle Café serves food in Southern California at various events and has been in business for over 20 years. 

Airplane Restaurant and Hotel Suite

In Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica there is a glider from World War II that has become a restaurant equipped with a bar and dance floor. El Avion serves Caribbean style food and has a smaller plane attached that is used as an elevator to take food and drinks up and down the stairs. As part of El Avion, there is also a 70-room resort that includes a 727 Boeing aircraft. The 727 Boeing is a hotel suite that has two balconies on the wings and a bathroom inside the cockpit. This suite will fit eight people, and the starting price is over $250 depending on the season.

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