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by B G July 04, 2018

Flight Attendants are trained to ensure the safety of the cabin. Contrary to popular belief, the comfort of the passengers, serving drinks and food, and other responsibilities is something a Flight Attendant typically develops over time working in customer service rather than in training. Most airlines require you to be at least 18 years old and hold a high school diploma. You will be more competitive to various airlines with a college degree and if you are at least 21.

Becoming a flight attendant is no easy task and may take months or even years to finally get a contingent job offer, pass training, and finally start flying the friendly skies.


I'm a flight attendant, what's your superpower


Most airlines will house their flight attendants in training at a hotel or on the training facilities property for 4-6 weeks in order to complete training. Some airlines will pay their flight attendants a stipend for the entire month of training and some may even provide food vouchers and uniforms. For one whole month, a flight attendant in training must be completed committed to the program in order to graduate and earn wings.

 flight attendant's wings


During training, one of the first things a flight attendant is asked to do is memorize their airlines airport codes. For some airlines, this could be hundreds of codes! Airlines will test on these codes as well as other crucial vocabulary during the first week in training. Soon after, flight attendants learn how to complete the safety demo. Depending on the airline, this will include instructing how to fasten a seatbelt, procedures to dawning a life vest, how to use an oxygen masks, and where the closest emergency exits are located.

 Flight attendant mask safety video


Flight attendants will train on simulators that model the airline’s aircraft models. One of the most important job roles a flight attendant will train to do is to arm and disarm airplane doors. Flight Attendants must take a written exam as well as demonstrate proper procedures. They will also be trained on how to open and close aircraft doors.

  Airplane Closing Door Procedure


With safety being the number one value amongst airlines, flight attendants are trained to use every piece of emergency equipment on board. They must memorize their locations and know how to perform safety checks to ensure the pieces of equipment are in working order.

A Flight Attendant has several job roles that many people are unaware of. They are trained to be firefighters in the air, to be babysitters, deal with unruly passengers, aid passengers in need of medical assistance, to perform emergency landings on land and water, how to deal with special needs passengers, and finally how to provide the best customer service with a smile.


Flight attendant fasten seat belt


A Flight Attendant must be flexible with the schedule and even with their base location. It can be a strenuous job since they are on their feet for hours, pushing and pulling carts, and losing sleep due to jet lag. It is a stressful and strenuous job at times with a side of glamour. The glamorous part is being able to fly all over the work on your flight attendant benefits! After all, becoming a flight attendant allows you to venture around the entire world!


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