by B G June 21, 2018

When traveling to a new country, a friendly gesture or warm welcoming can go a long way. Often times, our interactions with locals in a different country can make our travel experiences an unforgettable adventure and have a huge impact on how we actually view a country. While there are many more very welcoming countries in our big beautiful world, below is a list of 10 most hospitable countries in the world.


The Irish love to have fun and crack a joke or two. Laughter, beer, and new friends will be made in Ireland. The Emerald Isle is a stunning location where you will see some of the most amazing views in the world and meet some very friendly locals at a pub!

New Zealand

As one of the most adventure inclined destinations, Kiwis are known for their generosity and positivity towards life. Not only is New Zealand is beautiful destination completed with forests, beaches, and breathtaking scenery but you are sure to have a warm welcoming as well.


Aside from being known for “The Sound of Music", Austria is also known for its stunning views of the Alps, ski resorts, of course music, and the politeness of strangers simply passing by.


Expats have rated Oman as one of the friendliest places to visit and appear to be very happy with their life in Oman. The local culture is welcoming and very diverse. Several languages are spoken and the locals invite expats to live in their beautiful country.


Canadians are known for welcoming all into their country and being the most tolerant and open to various cultures and diversity. It may get a bit cold in the winter, but the locals have a warm and welcoming heart.


Vietnamese will smile at foreigners naturally walking or biking down the street. Many English Teachers find Vietnam to be a safe and outgoing place to teach and stay for years. The food is impeccable and the cost of living is lower for most foreigners.


Colombians are known to be very warm and friendly people that welcome visitors with open arms with delicious local cuisines. The beauty of the country and vibrant colors makes Colombia great place to visit.

Costa Rica

Many travelers actually end of staying in Costa Rica for the excellent quality of life. Locals have a friendly welcoming towards expats and vacationers find that there is such a diverse terrain with so much to do in this beautiful country.


Many expats settle down in Taiwan because of the friendliness towards foreigners. If you seem lost, a local will actually walk you to where you need to go. The delicious food is also a plus!


It’s no surprise that Portugal ranks as one of the most welcoming countries. With lovely beaches, nice weather, and kind locals, this famous vacation destination is one that can’t be missed in Europe.

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