Passport Colours

Why are ALL THE passports either red, green, black or blue?

Passports can have different sizes, color, and many variations. But according to Hrant Boghossian, the vice president of Arton Group, which runs the interactive passport database Passport Index, the color of each national passport is related to geography and policy and usually have four main colors: red, green, blue or black. Below we prepared a list with five passports and the meaning of their colors.

Red passports

Red passports are used by members of the European Union (apart from Croatia), and some countries interested in joining, such as Turkey, even changed its colors to match. And used by the communist countries in history.But the Swiss passport, the country's style, match your flag.

Blue passports

Caribbean countries almost always have blue passports, though it's become a common color for "New World countries" as well. US, Canada, and many South American countries have blue in his covers passport too. The UAE--which certainly is a new country-- also has a blue passport cover, though it's one of a few countries in the Arab world to opt for blue over green.

Green passports

For some countries, the choice of color relates to a predominant religion. Muslim countries including Morocco, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia have green passports, which is connected to Islam: Green is considered to have been a favorite color of the Prophet Muhammad, who is said to have worn a green cloak and turban. Green is also on the national flags of Islamic republics Iran, Mauritania, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Many African nations (Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, etc.) also have passports in shades of green, mostly due to their distinction as members of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Black passports

Dark colors, even the deepest shades of blue and red, tend to looks more official.Examples include Congo, Angola, and New Zealand, although, for the latter, the black also has the distinction of being considered one of the national colors.

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