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Pan Am Logo - Luggage Tag
Jane from Philly
PanAm logo luggage tag

Well worth it. Made exceptionally well. Will last a lifetime of travel unless I move to a new address and in that case I will order more

Hello - Luggage Tag
John Cushing
Quality product

Great product and service

Nice luggage tag

The luggage tags look good, thicker than expected, and will be a conversation starter. Would make a great gift.

So cute and funny

Love this. Great quality and just as expected.

JED - Mug
Talal Alhaj

Amazing, I just love it

Good stuff!

Great cover with pockets for documents and cards, looks good and creates attention. As I hoped and it didn’t disappoint!

Magnets - Set of 6
Robin Day
More great memories

Another set of memory magnets from the places we’ve traveled. Still more to order.

Oh yeah

What can I say, this is just awesome. Now if you excuse me, I’ve got some candy shopping to do ;)

Face - Luggage Tag
Frank Breech
A travel-weary old lady will never grab your bag at the carousel again

Sometimes suitcases look alike. Even if they have different zippers or pockets or when there’s a mass differential equal to half an old lady’s body weight, she can still sometimes wrestle your luggage off the carousel and drag it to the curb, leaving you with her bag of old lady underthings and Este Lauder sampler lotions. If you’re lucky, she’ll realize her error while still in the same county and you’ll only have to drive across town to make the switch. But sometimes she gets to the end of her long travel day hundreds of miles away before discovering her mistake. Personalized AirportTag luggage tags render this scenario virtually obsolete. Great product!

Hello - Luggage Tag
Nathan Garrett
Luggage Tag

It was exactly what I wanted for my wife.

So cute and soft

Very soft and comfy. The quality is great and the print is of good quality as well, not pixelised or anything

SCL - Throw Pillow
Holly Udell
Awesome pillow case!

Love this pillow cases! They are well made and look great!

Great magnet

Great magnet to add to my collection. Not everyone has a JED magnet.

Face - Luggage
Jonda Byler
Picture luggage

Very happy with my luggage. Great quality and arrived super fast! It was a great Christmas gift!! We all got a kick out if it!

A strong bag tag

A good strong and well built bag tag
Plenty of designs to choose from in this range

LAX - Luggage Tag
Dana Marmino
LAX Luggage Tag

Thick heavy plastic unbreakable, with personal information on the back. I couldn’t ask for anything better. I love it, Thank you

Love my packing bag!!

I love this packing bag!! All my chargers and cables fit in it and all in one place and LABELED. Not all over the place in different bags!!


Just like the pic on the site, thank u ✌🏻📘🇺🇸😃

UK Flag - Passport Cover
Charlemagne Prokopyshyn
Cute passport cover

Being a dual citizen is confusing when you travel with 2 passports so I needed an obvious quick way to tell my passports apart. Love the flag passport covers. Great quality, thick and sturdy and with room for cards, cash and airlines tickets. Craftsmanship is top notch and I can tell instantly which passport is which. Loved the gift bag lifejacket and quirky humour. Made me laugh on opening. Very happy to have stumbled across this company and very happy to be supporting a US firm.

First class quality

A beautiful tribute to one of the pioneers in the airline industry and a reminder to the time that air travel used to be something special.

MIA - Throw Pillow
Carlos Fabian

Really nice

I Haven't Been - Sticker
Jennifer Sanders
I love these stickers!

They are high quality and stick really well. I put them on our passport holders. I bought several and I would buy them again.


These AIRPORTAG Luggage Tags are top quality well made tags you would love to have on your baggage . They will stand out in a crowd of luggage and have the facility to have your Name , Address, Email on the back of them ; what’s not to like about that.
The bonus is that they are not expensive to purchase; so let the moths out of your wallet ; or shine up your credit card and purchase a few for when you next travel .


This flight message board is so fun, I like it very much. Since I got it, I wrote several posts on it. Just one thing, it would be nice if we could order additional sets of letters, numbers...

Cool product!

Very cool product!