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by B G October 27, 2018

A post wedding celebration calls for the best honeymoon ever! There are so many incredible places around the world that offer either a nice relaxing time with your loved one, an adventurous outing, or a historical experience. Below are the top 10 places to go on your honeymoon.


Bora Bora

While it is rather pricey, the crystal-clear waters, mountains, and pretty fish make Bora Bora one of the most romantic places to vacation to while on a honeymoon.



Nicknamed “One Happy Island", Aruba holds truth to its slogan. The locals are very welcoming, the beaches are lovely, you can take a four-wheeler around, snorkel in the sea, or enjoy a relaxing time on the beach.



Complete with volcanoes, temples, and a stunning view all around, Bali is one of the top honeymoon destinations. While it’s a cost-efficient destination, couples can enjoy cute bungalows, splurge on neat accommodations, take adventures, and learn about Indonesia.



Known for incredible food, cute hotels, and the best sunsets, Santorini is tailored for the most romantic honeymoon. The beaches, wineries, and of course the while building with blue tops make this a destination worth visiting.



Easily known as one of the most popular romantic cities in the world, Paris is a traditional honeymoon vacation. With incredible history, art, food, wine, Disney, and of course the Eiffel Tower, Paris will not fail you!


Jeju Island

Known to Koreans as the honeymoon island, many couples flock to the south end of the island where beautiful volcanic rock formations emerge from the sea. The tallest mountain in South Korea is located in the center of the island, there are stunning beaches, food is divine, and the island is complete with an attention-grabbing Loveland theme park which is sure to stir you up in bed.



This is a quaint city complete with castles, cafes, and excellent brews. This medieval city is one of the best vacation spots for love birds to enjoy some history, romance, and relaxation.


Cinque Terre

Although there are several fabulous cities to honeymoon at in Italy, Cinque Terre is a coastal city that it’s a little bit off the beaten path to provide a little bit of privacy. There are lovely beaches, great wine, and spectacular views here.



Although Hawaii should be on everyone’s bucket list, romantic getaways cover the entire island of Maui. There are cute cottages, lava rock pools, and plenty of room for tranquility. Romance, relaxation, and adventure awaits you here!


Napa Valley

Ranked as one of the best cities in the United States for a romantic honeymoon getaway, wine is waiting in Napa! Complete with hundreds of wineries and an air balloon ride, this west coast hot spot is sure to bring you and your lover pure wine joy.

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