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by Lauren Brown November 01, 2018

Although a pilot, flight attendant, or gate agent job is common and often times the face of aviation, it’s important to remember that there are different types of positions within the aviation field. Every position within the airline industry has one thing in common: they keep our air transportation system safe. Since the Wright Brothers took flight in 1903, there are been significant strides in aviation and thus numerous jobs. Below is a list of the top 5 highest paying jobs in aviation.

Air Traffic Controller

In order to have smooth traffic in the sky, air traffic controllers ensure the safe operation of the nation’s air transportation system. They keep in contact with aircrafts in a specific area to track distances, directions, and other specifics to keep the traffic safe in the air. They may work in airport control towers or in an Air route traffic control center. An Air Traffic Controller averages $85,000 per year.



A mechanic provides a wide variety of skills that include inspecting, maintaining, and repairing a plane. A mechanic may work on an engine, landing gear, breaks, or even a lavatory. Since this an extremely vital position in keeping our aircrafts safe, mechanics average $52,000 each year.



Often times a mechanic will move up to become an inspector if they are on a positive track record. Inspectors have a great job security since they are required by FAA to inspect airplanes after any repairs are completed. Essentially, an inspector keeps our air transportation system safe and is responsible for the safety of all who board an airplane. An Inspector may average $65,000 per year.


Air Marshal

An Air Marshal is highly trained to discreetly fly and provide in-flight security to counter any terrorist attacks in the event of a hijacking or extreme security incident. They typically travel in pairs, carry firearms, but are not present on every flight. An Air Marshal makes on average about $70,000 a year.



A captain and first officer often times go through years of schooling and training to become licensed to fly. While many pilots have military training, others go through college and train at an FAA certified flight school. They are highly trained to deal with all weather conditions and emergency procedures. In the coming years, there is said to be numerous positions opening for commercial pilots. With an average salary of $100,000, they have the best seat in the air!


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Lauren Brown

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