by B G November 28, 2017

The old school black rolling suitcase is finally getting an upgrade.We continue to see improvements within the travel industry to include transportation such as aircraft upgrades or even accommodation such as Airbnb. However, everyone travel with some sort of luggage, which brings in billions of revenue each year for luggage companies such as Samsonite and Travel Pro.

Several companies are not making high-tech equipped pieces that have tracking, chargers, locks, and more. It’s important to note that in today’s world we should have the highest rated luggage, which would cut down on any risk of losing the luggage or having it stolen.

The list below includes the latest designed suitcases to make life in the world just that must easier.


The Raden suitcases come in both carry on and check in sizes. They are equipped with a built in charger, a scale, and a GPS. There are two external USB ports to ensure your phone battery always has juice. The Raden app will also tell the customer relevant information about their trip such as routes, wait times, and weather. The bags are scratch proof and come in a variety of colors. The smaller suitcase is $295 and the larger is $395.


The Barracuda bag comes with a drop down tray with a handle and two cup holders that can be folded down. You’ll never need to find a crowded table at the airport again! The suitcase also has a portable battery, a scale, and a location tracker so that you know when your bag is ready at the carousel. This suitcase sells for $349.


The Away suitcase has a hard case shell with a built in battery underneath the handle. This port can charge devices with a USB cable. The bag will need to be charged for four hours prior to traveling. The hard case will not scratch or crack. The suitcase has a TSA approved lock, a compression pad, and a laundry bag inside. This suitcase is available for carry on and comes in four colors. The price for this bag is $225.


The Tylt Energi is a backpack that acts as a charging station. There are five external and two internal cable ports. While this bag is TSA approved, there is also a weatherproof laptop compartment. This backpack sells for $100.


This Trakk Armor is perfect for those who enjoy the great outdoors. It is a smart bag that will keep your items at room temperature regardless of the outdoor temperature. It is weatherproof and has LED lighting making outdoor adventures much safer. This bag retails for $100.


The Modobag went viral recently for being a motorized ride. You can ride this bag in the terminals in order to get to the gate quicker. It also features USB ports, LED lights, and a location tracker. You may ride this bag up to eight long miles! This bag will cost you a total of $1,095.


The Fugu suitcase can concert from a carry on sized bag into a check in bag with the use of a built in electric pump. This is perfect for someone who travels lightly yet brings back souvenirs. This bag also includes a GPS tracking system. The Fugu Travel bag sells for $300.


The Bluesmart luggage startup comes in a carry on size that includes a 3g SIM card, a GPS system, Bluetooth, and a mobile tracking app. The app has an internal scale to let you know how heavy you bag is. This suitcase also has built in chargers and a laptop pocket. This suitcase costs $450.


The Andiamo IQ four-wheel smart bag has its own WiFi hotspot, a USB battery charger, a removable power pack, built in digital scale, and a remote lock system that works with the mobile app. You can even get text messages to alert you when it’s ready at the carousel. This bag retails for $600.


Space Case. This kickstarter bag includes global tracking, a fingerprint ID for authentication, a built in scale, a power bank for charging, Bluetooth speakers, and a microphone for hand free calling. There is also a personal concierge feature that provides trip details such as flight status, hotel information, and more. This bag sells for $800.





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