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Imagine staying at fancy hotels, exploring exotic countries, utilizing travel perks, and having regular days off in between. Flight attendants typically enjoy these benefits and more after achieving some seniority. How many people can say they started their job in New York and ended up in Tokyo? As a flight attendant, traveling around the world can become your reality whether the days are nice and glamorous or quite difficult. As in any job, some days are tough. As a flight attendant, you may experience rude customers, turbulence, and several days away from family, jet lag, or emergency situations. 

It is the job of a flight attendant to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers on their flights. Being flexible, patient, quick thinking, and pleasant are much-needed characteristics if this is your dream job. Since being a flight attendant is such a sought after position, it is best to prepare yourself in order to stay ahead of the competition. Follow these tips in order to being a flight attendant! 

Learn the Industry
Many people view the flight attendant position as being all glamour and no dirt; however, this isn’t always the case. It’s vital to completely understand the airline industry and be well aware of what to expect during the interview, during training, and while on the job for years. Use this time to research specific airlines. See which company appeals to you! Research the benefits, the reserve time, and how the company compares to other airlines. Talk to people you know that are flight attendants and perhaps pick their brains a bit. Join groups on social media that relate to people aspiring to become a flight attendant. Here you will find support and advice from current flight attendants and those competing for a position. If you plan on taking a flight soon, take a moment to chat with the flight attendants about their job and company. Perhaps simply pay attention to their job duties during the flight and see if you can picture yourself in their position. Google will also be your friend. Plenty of flight attendants love to make YouTube videos or blog about their experience as a flight attendant. If this is something you truly want to do- put in the effort to ensure you are well aware of everything prior to applying. 

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Apply, Apply, Apply
There are several different airlines you can apply for and it all depends on your personal preferences. Decide where you would like to be based at and be flexible if possible. Compare and contract the benefits of each airline and start applying. Factor in your career goals and personal life schedule as you narrow down your airline search.

Prepare your application based on the individual airline. Align your strengths and values with the airlines and incorporate that into your resume and application. Make sure to highlight certain pieces of your resume such as prior work experience, education, or volunteer work that would be of use as a flight attendant. 

Keep track of when airlines are hiring here

This website posts the latest hiring information for flight attendants. Be sure to keep checking for updates since the hiring windows can be short! 

Stand Out
Thousands upon thousands of people will be applying for the glamorous flight attendant positions each year. Don’t shouldn’t get discouraged if you get turned down by one airlines. Simply keep applying! It may take time but if you put in the effort and stand out, an airline is sure to benefit from hiring you. 

Depending on the airline, you will have a questionnaire and a video interview in which you must answers series of questions that are being recorded via video. The airline is looking at your appearance, demeanor, and of course your well thought out answers. Be sure to check what specific questions you will be asked here

When it comes to the in person interview, stand out! Dress the part, be involved, ask and answer questions, get to know the other candidates and the people interviewing you, and be the leader they are looking for! Be yourself and bring your confidence to the table! 

Keep Up
You’ve landed the job! Congratulations! However, it’s not over. Once you have accepted a job the next step is training. Many airlines have their new flight attendants go through about one month of intense training before starting work. This training can be stressful and tiring but you can do it! You’ve made it so far so now you must keep up! Study, take notes, listen, and ask questions. Stay free of distraction and get through the training! Once finished, enjoy your office in the sky!

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Check out this amazing video "Flight Attendant Core" and get inspired!

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Rowena Faigmani
Rowena Faigmani

November 09, 2018

I’m one of those people who are dreaming and wants to become a flight attendant someday, I really want to fulfill my dreams. Thank you for this meaningful and helpful tips, I hope I could read more and learn more from you.

morh  Enanga
morh Enanga

August 13, 2017

Wow I really do appreciate it because I’m really interested to be come a flight attendance

Martha Bessem Arung
Martha Bessem Arung

August 12, 2017

I really want to be a flight attendant because l love traveling and meeting new people and learn new cultures

Agunbiade Toheebat Adedayo
Agunbiade Toheebat Adedayo

August 10, 2017

Interesting tips

Nwe Ni Oo
Nwe Ni Oo

July 04, 2017

Nice video for grooming/Nice suggestion for this position..i really want to be a fight attendant…

hanan dewedar
hanan dewedar

July 03, 2017

I wanto to be a flight attendant

Taimur Khan
Taimur Khan

July 02, 2017

I want to become a cabin crew

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