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An airline with one of the world’s longest flying routes may earn claim to an award or even bragging rights but to the passengers this sounds like a nightmare. Sitting in a tube for several hours at a time squished in between two strangers doesn’t sound too appealing; however, these flights do exist. In today’s modern world, planes are far more powerful and updated. They are more fuel-efficient and perhaps profit more from longer flights. Apart from having some of the longest flights, some of these flights also have some of the most interesting routes, which give way to spectacular views. Below are some of the longest flights in history as well as some of the most interesting routes with some magnificent window views. 

Hours of Flight

In 2016, Emirates came out with a 17 hour and 15 minute flight from Auckland to Dubai. This flight covers nearly 9,000 miles! Passing the time may be tough if you’re not in first class or business class. Emirates has some of the best service amongst airlines. If you’re in coach Emirates still provides a nice amenity kit that includes earplugs, eye mask, toothbrush, and socks. 

Qatar Airways will pass by Emirates in 2018 with a new flight that will reach about 10,300 miles. This flight will go from Doha to Auckland in about 19 hours. Qatar Airways also provides some of the best service in the airline industry; however, with that long of flight the passengers are sure to be tested with patience and lack of rest. 

In 2017, United came out with a flight from Los Angeles to Singapore that covers about 8,700 miles. This flight lasts about 18hours. United has improved their transpacific meal service in recent years. They now provide a nice 3-course meal as well as several beverage options. If you don’t like economy seating, you have the option to upgrade to United’s economy plus seating giving you extra legroom for that 18 hour flight. 

Back in 2009 Delta led the industry with their flight from their home base of Atlanta to Johannesburg. This flight is about 16 hours and travels nearly 8,500 miles. While the service level is still nice, it doesn’t match that of Emirates and Qatar. Be prepared with portable chargers and entertainment for the long haul. Only select seats have power outlets but all passengers have access to the Delta Studio In-flight Entertainment. 

Beauty from 35,000 Feet

Seeing the natural beauty that our world has to offer from way up high will give you a new appreciation for Mother Nature. While many places are impossible or quite hard to reach by foot, you might as well see them from the sky. 

Taking a scenic flight by plane or helicopter over the Grand Canyon might leave you speechless. For a view that may look like a detailed painting, your flight will take you along the rim and into the canyon. Lovely views of the Colorado River and erosion over the years make this one of the top-flight routes.

If trekking to Everest Base camp isn’t on your horizon, a flight over the Himalayas will provide a stunning view. Some of the highest and prettiest peaks in the world are located in the Himalayas! And here's an image from Mount Fuji, Japan!

A flight from Portland to Seattle on a clear day provides an incredible view of Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Rainier. Depending on which side of the aircraft you are sitting and which direction, you may see all three snow capped mountains together!

Flying along the east of North America offers a stunning view of the coastline. Coming from North Carolina to Miami, for example, showcases Florida’s magnificent beaches and cruise ship terminals. 

The Great Barrier Reed is the world’s largest reef that consists of thousands of different reefs, islands, and animals. Consider sightseeing over the reefs to experiences some unique and rather breathtaking views.

While there are numerous fantastic flights that provide spectacular views around the world, one that can’t be forgotten is the ever so popular tourist destination- Hawaii! Kauai is known to be one of the most scenic islands in the world. It is known for amazing cascading waterfalls, valleys, canyons, and natural shoreline. Kauai sure has plenty of lovely sites that can only be seen by plane or helicopter.


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Savenaca Nakuro Roqica

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I always dream and wish to become a flight attendant one day.. I do love to become one.. and I love to socialise with different people..

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