by Lauren Brown July 28, 2017

Whether you’re packing for a weekend trip or for a month long vacation, there are always ways to better organize yourself to make your travels a bit easier. Nobody likes scrambling to the nearest store at your destination or even packing too much and being burdened with heavy bags. These are some fundamental packing tips every traveler should learn. 

Make a list and check it twice
Everyone is always worried that they will leave behind something important. Simply start off by making a list of all your essential items that you would like to take. Check the weather of your destination and pack accordingly. If it will rain, pack a raincoat instead of an umbrella. It’s best to pack lightweight, dual-purpose clothing. Wear your big jacket and boots on the plane to save space and weight. Remember to pack your passport, extra cash, a toothbrush, and entertainment options for your long flight! Make sure to check your passport expiration date to ensure you have time and pages left for your travels!

Days before
Start laying out all your items before you actually pack them in your suitcase. That way you can triple check yourself and ensure that you do indeed have everything. Prepare to shut your house down as well. Make sure you turn the water off, electric and water devices off, and lock all doors and windows. Stop the newspaper delivery and mail services. It’s also a great idea to prepare some food such as a sandwich and chips to pack in your carry on for the long journey. 

Packing Clothes
Nobody likes dirty clothes, stains, and wrinkled clothes while traveling. Use vacuum bags to keep your clothes clean and save room. Rolling clothes instead of folding may also save room and also keep your clothes from getting wrinkles. Packing bags are another great way to organize your clothes and other items. Place a dryer sheet in a little pocket of the suitcase to keep your clothes smelling nice and fresh. Remember you can always hand wash items and wear them two or three times. Some hotels and Airbnb’s also have coin use laundry available. Use the disposable shower caps to cover your shoes too! Shoes can also take up a lot of space so only pack what you need. Typically a pair of good walking shoes and decent sandals will do!

Packing Like a Pro

Ziplock Bags

Packing your liquids in ziplock bags is a no brainer, but don’t forget about your electronics too. Keep liquids, even the smallest ones, in ziplock bags and away from white clothes! It’s best to pack small travel sized cosmetics as well. They take up less space and lets face it, you only need a little bit of shampoo anyways! Also, there is no need to pack your entire makeup collection. Pack only the essential items that you will use. Put any pretty white tops in a Ziploc bag for added protection.  Place electronics in bags too to keep them organized and clean. Jewelry can be packed nicely in a pillbox. Make a mini medical kit with a ziplock bag just in case you need some essential medicine. Always pack extra bags for the ride home. 

Dealing with Luggage
Depending on the length of your trip, you might be able to just pack a carry on. This is the best option! There will be no stress about lost luggage if it’s stored above your head on a plane. Just make sure to only pack items that are allowed in your carry on. Make sure to weigh your bag in advance if you do check your luggage. Also, ensure you pack your essential items in your carry on bag and not your checked bags. It’s always a great idea to pack and extra pair of clothes in your carry on along with cosmetic basics. Luggage restrictions can vary depending on the airline so check online to review any different rules your airline might have. Everyone has a black suitcase so make sure to put colorful tags on it and perhaps some bright ribbon or shoelaces.

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