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Imagine starting work in one city and ending work in another city all the way across the world. It’s no doubt that flight attendants have one chaotic job in terms of traveling, keeping in touch with friends and family, and keeping a basic routine. It’s a dream job for many people yet hard to come by. Being offered a position is competitive and the training program is quite rigorous.  Whether you are interested in becoming a flight attendant or just interested in the daily life, several flight attendants make YouTube videos highlighting their experience.



1. Fly With Stella

Cristella is a reserve flight attendant who packs her camera everywhere. As a reserve, she can be called at any time to report to the airport for any type of flight. She is at the mercy of crew scheduling and must always be prepared. Most flight attendants will start off as a reserve so Stella might help you gain perspective before earning that well-deserved seniority status.





2. Trolley Dolly

This girl takes you on the adventures with her on and off the plane. She explains different aspects of her life such as being at home, on the run, beauty tips, and her travel tales. Some of her videos are short, but it just goes to show you the time constraints she is on with her quick paced life.




3. Jenny Ernst

Jenny digs deep into detail about becoming a flight attendant and her own personal life. Many fight attendant’s come from different backgrounds and she for one came from quite a creative one. On each of her videos, she includes a “FAQ” section at the bottom which answers quite a few common questions as well.




4. Carrie Ann

Carry Ann is a reserve flight attendant and a makeup artist. Her blog definitely gives the best beauty tips for women in general as well as flight attendants. She teaches you how to pack appropriately for flights in order to look your best. She gives links to the products she uses and shows how to use some of the products.




5. The Pretty Passenger

Ashley makes very informative day in the life videos. She brings the camera on board and shows you what goes into being a flight attendant. She includes tips and tricks on everything from becoming a flight attendant to dealing with crashpads and lashes.




6. Let’s Journey

Deviny makes awesome videos about staying healthy while being a flight attendant. She includes videos about what she eats and how she works out. She also includes beauty tips along with her healthy lifestyle as a flight attendant.




7. Wonderfully Ale

Aly has quite a few jobs! Not only is she a flight attendant but also she is also a mother and a wife. She explains her busy life, beauty tips, and dealing with difficult passengers. It’s no doubt she stays busy with a family and full-time job flying.




8. Miss Fernandez

This Emirates flight attendant enjoys telling funny stories that happen while being a flight attendant. Flight attendant’s deal with all sorts of different people on a daily basis so it’s a bit unreal the things that they actually see. As a flight attendant, the things that happen can be quite interesting!




9. That Young Gal

The sarcasm this flight attendant exemplifies is hilarious and so real! Many flight attendants must have some sense of humor, sarcasm, and sass in order to do their jobs right! She absolutely keeps it real with her videos!




10. Kristen Leo

As a past flight attendant for Emirates, Kristen makes her videos all about the stories that happen on board while working. She tells about her life working for Emirates and the different troubles she encountered. Her stories are quite entertaining!

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