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The Perfect Luggage Tag for Travel and Aviation Enthusiasts.

Master the art of ID your luggage
This baggage tag is a must-have item for any traveler.

We all know how frustrating is the waiting on the baggage claim, all luggage bags look the same, don't they? 😂
Now it's time to stand out from the crowd! Our eye-catching luggage tags will guarantee you to enjoy the most each moment of your travels. With this bold luggage tag, you'll easily ID your suitcase. 

This luggage tag will distinguish you from other travelers and is certainly a conversation starter. Baggage claim can be ease.

Spot your suitcase at a glance! Travel like an expert!

Tons of options! We have the widest and creative collection you will find. Our airport and airline code collection is inspired by those vintage luggage tags we all love and miss so much. 

Perfect gift for travel lovers, frequent flyers and aviation enthusiasts.

Aviation and Travel Luggage Tags

👉 You can also customize all the passenger's information displayed on the back.

Personalized - Luggage Tag

How Do I Personalize it?

  1. In the "PASSENGER'S INFO ON THE BACK" dropdown menu, select the option "Personalized"
  2. Type in all the information you like into the form fields.
  3. Done! Place your order. 😉

Product information

  • High-quality print finish on both sides.
  • Made from durable plastic to withstand everyday use.
  • Luggage tag strap included.
  • Very sturdy material.
  • Bright colors.
  • Master the art of ID your luggage!
  • Travel like an expert
  • No more “Is it my baggage?”
  • Baggage claim can be ease
  • Make your next flight much more fun
  • Great conversation starter
  • Custom ID information available
  • 2.7" x 3.9" inches (7 x 10 cm)
  • Round Luggage Tags: 4" ø (10 cm)

🇺🇸Made in the USA
🌏Worldwide Shipping ✈️


Customer Reviews

Based on 826 reviews
Frank Breech
A travel-weary old lady will never grab your bag at the carousel again

Sometimes suitcases look alike. Even if they have different zippers or pockets or when there’s a mass differential equal to half an old lady’s body weight, she can still sometimes wrestle your luggage off the carousel and drag it to the curb, leaving you with her bag of old lady underthings and Este Lauder sampler lotions. If you’re lucky, she’ll realize her error while still in the same county and you’ll only have to drive across town to make the switch. But sometimes she gets to the end of her long travel day hundreds of miles away before discovering her mistake. Personalized AirportTag luggage tags render this scenario virtually obsolete. Great product!

Nathan Garrett
Luggage Tag

It was exactly what I wanted for my wife.

Nigel Farrimond
A strong bag tag

A good strong and well built bag tag
Plenty of designs to choose from in this range

Dana Marmino
LAX Luggage Tag

Thick heavy plastic unbreakable, with personal information on the back. I couldn’t ask for anything better. I love it, Thank you

Michael Salman

These AIRPORTAG Luggage Tags are top quality well made tags you would love to have on your baggage . They will stand out in a crowd of luggage and have the facility to have your Name , Address, Email on the back of them ; what’s not to like about that.
The bonus is that they are not expensive to purchase; so let the moths out of your wallet ; or shine up your credit card and purchase a few for when you next travel .