by B G July 04, 2017

When it comes to traveling, mistakes are often inevitable when you factor in everything from transportation to lodging to site seeing. Air travel can be worse since flights are often delayed, canceled, or perhaps you are sandwiched in between two not so great people on the flight. Flight attendants see the same mistakes that passengers make over and over again while flying. In an attempt to learn from these mistakes, below is a list of the top 10 in-flight mistakes to avoid. 

1. Don’t Run Late
While it should be obvious, its still quite important and surprising the amount of people that show up to the gate just after the door closed. Always allow enough time to go through the standard airport procedures. Remember that you may have to check a bag, you’ll have to go through security, walk 5 miles to the gate, and likely have to stand in lines to do everything you need to do. Give yourself more time if traveling to an international country. If you cut it too close, this will only stress you before your flight. 

2. Flying sick
Most people don’t like to do much of anything but lay in bed eating soup, taking medications, and watching movies while sick; however, there is a surprising amount of people that fly while ill. If you have a few sniffles it may be okay, but stay home if you have a contagious cold or flu. Depending on the illness and medications you are taking it can also be quite dangerous while flying as well. Not to mention it’s quite inconsiderate to fly while ill to the other passengers and crew that are stuck in a small tube for several hours with you. 

3. Drinking alcohol
People love to have a nice cocktail or 3 at the airport before boarding. However, too much alcohol may be a problem while flying. The air is already quite dry on the plane and adding in alcohol will make you even more dehydrated. If you appear inebriated prior to boarding you might not be allowed to even fly. Drink responsibly and keep hydrated! 

4. Packing Right
Packing can be difficult at times depending on the trip you are taking. Always remember to pack your necessities in your carry on bag and perhaps an extra change of clothes. Bring a little cosmetic bag and an empty bottle of water that you can fill up inside the airport. Bring headphones, earplugs, a pillow, and any small gadgets you need for the flight. Always remember your passport!

5. Going Barefoot
This should be the absolute number 1 nastiest thing a person can do on a flight- go barefoot to the lavatory. People on every flight enjoy taking their shoes off while sitting but then decide to use the restroom without putting their shoes back on. Passengers will always have bad aim on a flight, especially during turbulence, however, a mix of feces, blood, germs, and who knows what else is found in the lavatory as well. Limit your exposure by always wearing shoes. 

6. Know your Body
At 35,000 feet in the air, some people get gas, swell, or get cold easily. Pack accordingly and do what you can ahead of time to be comfortable in flight. Perhaps wear loose clothing, pack gas-x, remove rings, and bring a jacket or blanket. 

7. Medications
If you have an important medication that you need, remember to pack it in your purse or carry on. Know the side affects of the medication you are taking whether it is a regular prescription drug or something else you are using for sleep or to keep calm. Make sure not to mix medications with alcohol as well. This is not the time for experimenting with medications. 

8. Comfortable Shoes
Airports can be quite long! There is no need to wear your highest stilettos while taking a flight. IF you want to wear your highest heels, bring sandals just in case you have to run across the airport. While flying you also want to be in comfy clothes and that includes shoes. 

9. Pack Food
Don’t assume you will get a full on 3-course meal while in the air. Check your airline and particular flight to ensure they serve food and snacks. Airlines don’t usually serve the best of the best food too. It might be best to plan ahead and bring your own food and snacks anyways. 

10. Book Your Seat
I have never met someone who enjoys and requests a middle seat. If you sit at the window you can lean against the wall and if you are seated in the aisle you can spread out a bit there too and go for a walk or to the lavatory easily. While booking your ticket, remember to book an assigned seat to avoid getting a leftover middle seat. 

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